Home Automation

Sound sophisticated? Definitely.

Sound scary? Not at all!

Home Automation means making something work the way you want it to.  It could be simple, like having a 3-way switch that dims from both ends of the hallway.  Turn on an inside light with outside motion detection.   Knowing if your garage door is closed from inside the house.  And closing it - and get visual confirmation.  Knowing from your bedroom when any other light is turned off or on.

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Home Automation means controlling these things not from just inside the house, but anywhere with an internet connection to your SmartPhone.  And, of course, computers too.

You will be able to view your cameras, change your thermostat and have those lights make the place look really lived in.  Control scenes with a single keystroke, tap or click.  Hey wait, scenes?  A scene is simply setting the things the way you like, such as this light at 52% and that light at 37%.  Or every light in the house to a specific brightness.  Hear a noise in the middle of the night?  A single tap can make all lights go on.  Leaving the house?  Another tap makes all go off - except for the hallway, which will fade off over, say, 20 seconds.  These are all simple scenes.  Control or respond to your Nest thermostat, your MyQ Chamberlain (LiftMaster) garage door, Ring video doorbell!

And you can adjust these things yourself.  Easily.

More complex automation is not more complex, just more useful.  How about sending a text message or email when the liquor cabinet is opened?  Or turn off lights when the room is not occupied for a time?  Turn on a light when the doorbell rings.  We can control just about anything with a wire.  That means, the TV, spa, thermostat, house fan, holiday lights, etc.  Close the drapes when the sun overheats a room.  Yes, we can even tell you if you left the oven on! 

Come into your house and push just one button.  It turns on the music, fireplace, closes the curtains and sets all the lights to 'romantic'.  How do they do it in the movies?  With our Insteon system.

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Features & Benefits

  • No rewiring
  • No plaster dust
  • Simple yet scalable (control up to 400 devices with a single command)
  • Convert any existing light or appliance to Insteon control
  • Saves energy, saves money
  • Works around corners
  • Works between floors
  • Works between buildings (on the same transformer)
  • Works remotely (on the same planet)
  • Send text or email based on events
  • Conditional events (if motion is detected, and this light is on, and it's after 4:17pm set a scene then send a text and lock the door)
  • Install just a few devices then add to your system at any time

But wait, I'm getting ads from AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum (Time Warner), etc.

  • Good - thanks for the free advertising.  Check the prices. 
    • Theirs: Expensive. 
    • Ours: Cost effective.
  • What about those monthly fees? 
    • Theirs: Expensive. 
    • Ours: NONE.  Correct, no monthly fees.

I already have X-10

  • Do you like pressing buttons and waiting for the light 1-2 seconds later?  Insteon responders react almost before you can get your finger off the button.  In milliseconds.
  • X-10 does work.  Yes, about 75% of the time.  Insteon works every time - and provides feedback so you know the device turned on.
  • Insteon is backwards compatible with X-10.  If you have to have it, we can control it.
  • "I already have X-10" is exactly what people say when they call us.  The rest of the sentence is "please replace it with something that works."

What about the competition? 

Zigbee, Z-Wave, Powerline, UPB, etc.  Go ahead and compare.  If we weren't miles ahead we wouldn't mention them.  You simply won't find another product that has the capabilities or reliability of Insteon.  We have more products, more reliability, faster operating time, lower cost, better performance, better customer satisfaction.  Period.  Need to know more?  If you want, we have a 46 page technical comparison.

And how about the big boys, Lutron, Crestron, etc?

Do you want to train your guests how to work your light switches?  Do you want a system that fails entirely when the controller fails?  Do you want to tear up the walls, to add more wires?  We didn't think so.  If big means expensive, that's them.  If you want the best, Insteon is what's right.  Less cost, more performance.


Should any Insteon device we installed fail within two years, we'll replace it free.  Nest consumer warranties are typically two years.  Pro warranties are five!


  • Switches
  • Motion Sensors
  • Cameras
  • Thermostats
  • Nest: Thermostats, Cameras, Protect (smoke & CO detectors)
  • MyQ Chamberlain, LiftMaster and other garage door controls
  • Ring video doorbell
  • IR Controllers
  • Sensors (too many to list)
  • Remotes
  • Plug-in modules
  • Wire-in modules
  • Door locks
  • Timers
  • Low voltage sensors and relays
  • High current controls
  • 277 volt systems
  • Almost anything with a wire - let your imagination run wild!


So what are you waiting for?  Call us now at 866-946-4606 for a free evaluation and to see our Fun Demo Kit.  See how Insteon actually works in your home or office.





And now you have a great installation.  Leave it simple? Or make it truly custom!